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T-Rex Series Shredder & Wood Crusher Machine Supplier

T-Rex Series Shredder & Wood Crusher Machine Supplier

T-Rex Series Shredder.
This is our T-Rex series shredder. It is our company's newly improved special equipment for wood shredding. It has a wide range of raw materials. Round wood, scrap, branches and other sizes materials. The largest model can directly crush round wood with a diameter of 50 cm. It is the preferred equipment for raw material processing before pellet processing, and it is also widely used in fuel processing in biomass power plants.

T-Rex wood shredder is composed of feeding system, crushing system, drive motor, discharge system, hydraulic control system and electrical control system.

1.Feeding chain plate, this design is stronger and more durable than the previous belt transmission.
2.The front of the feed inlet is equipped with an upper feed roller. It forms a forced feed with the lower chain plate, which can effectively provide a stable material feed to the rotor.
3.Equipped with a feeding safety auxiliary device, the upper and lower feedings run synchronously. By detecting the operating current of the main motor, the speed of the upper and lower feeding motors is automatically adjusted, reducing the frequency of material jams and holding machines, and ensuring the smooth operation of the equipment
4.The knife roller, integral cast steel, improves the rigidity of the equipment, makes the shredding easier and more efficient. The knife roller rotor undergoes a dynamic balance test to make the machine run more stable.
5.The support frame is integrally cast steel, which improves the rigidity and ensures the stable operation of the machine.
6.The bottom of the machine is equipped with a discharge conveyor, and no longer considers the pit design, making the installation more flexible and convenient.

The wearing parts of this machine are mainly flying knives. We use cemented carbide material, which is wear-resistant and has a long life. It reduces the frequent disassembly and assembly of knives and sharpening links, thereby reducing operating costs.

The multiple applicability of this device was considered in the initial design. According to the size of the finished product to be cut, different tool designs are selected. In the production of biomass pellets, the wood chips broken by the adjustment of the flying knife become smaller and can be directly used for drying, which reduces a coarse powder link without reducing its output, thereby reducing the production cost of pellets.

In view of the complexity of the raw materials on the current market, we have developed a special set of knife roller rotors to effectively crush the demolition waste, building templates and waste wooden pallets. According to the special needs of customers, the company has developed a mobile device of the same type to realize all-terrain and barrier-free operation.

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YULONG T-Rex series shredder, wood crusher machine is our company's newly improved special equipment for wood shredding, get info!

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