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Wood Hammer Mill for Sawdust and Wood Pellet Processing Grinders

Wood Hammer Mill for Sawdust and Wood Pellet Processing Grinders

Our GXP series high-efficiency hammer mill can be widely used in biomass energy and feed processing industries. It can crush wood chips, wood shavings, fibrous materials such as wheat straw and corn stalks after crushed by rotary cutter , as well as feed materials such as corn. According to the requirements of customers in different industries, can select different hole screen to ensure the size of the finished product after crushing.

1.A complete set of high-efficiency hammer mill includes the main hammer mill, air fan,cyclone, air lock, bags dust collector etc.
2.The main component of the hammer mill rotor, undergoes dynamic balance verification before assembly to ensure the stability of the machine during operation.
3.The hammer mill motor base assembly platform and the rotor spindle bearing seat assembly platform are processed simultaneously by a large-scale CNC machine tool to ensure horizontal accuracy, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the machine.
4.The hammers of the hammer mill is made of manganese steel, two of which are welded with wear-resistant alloy steel materials, which improves the service life of the hammers and reduces the cost.
5.The operating doors on both sides of the hammer mill can be opened in translation for easy maintenance and replacement of the screen.
6. The high-efficiency hammer mill screen is composed of two pieces. After installation, the overall discharge angle is close to 360 degrees, the discharge area is large, and the production efficiency is high.
7.The hammer mill can be equipped with two cyclone according to customer requirements. This installation method allows the dust-containing gas to pass through the secondary cyclone and enter the bags for dust removal, making the filtration more adequate.
8. The connecting pipe between the hammer mill and the auxiliary equipment adopts double flange connection, which is more convenient, easy to operate and has better sealing performance.
9. Our hammer mill has various models with different output, and the output of a single machine is from 1ton to 8ton, which can meet various requirements.
10.The moisture of the material is the main factor to affect the crushing efficiency of the hammer mill. The drier the material, the smaller the size of the finished product.

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