YULONG pellet machine manufacturer main product development, design, manufacturing services are integrated, and we have mature biomass pellet making machine production and processing design experience. Yulong pellet machine manufacturer has modern R&D facilities and information equipment to create good information conditions for the company's pellet making machine exports. Our company has three series of biomass pellet making machine, briquette press, crushers, hammer mill, mixer, cooler and pasture machinery. It has also developed more than ten high-quality products for feed, forestry, fertilization, and energy complete sets of machinery and equipment.

  • Wood Sawdust Pellet Machine Rice Husk Pellet Mill XGJ560 Pellet Machine FOR SALE Wood Sawdust Pellet Machine Rice Husk Pellet Mill XGJ560 Pellet Machine FOR SALE
    The Main Advantages of the Eighth Generation Pellet Machine:1. The main motor is changed to a standard flat key motor, and the German standard KTR elastic coupling is adopted with the reducer, which solves the problem of regular lubricating grease for the spline of the seventh generation granulator. Moreover, the replacement cost of KTR elastomer is much lower than the replacement cost after spline damage.2. The positioning of the spindle frame plate and the spindle has been upgraded and improved, the pin positioning that is not easy to disassemble and easy to wear is removed, and the embedded positioning method of CNC machining is adopted, which is easy to disassemble and not easy to wear.3. Improvement of kick-out system: The reducer of kick-out plate is replaced by a cycloidal pinwheel reducer to a  hard-tooth surface reducer.  The rotating components of the kick-out system are completely separated from the kick-out boot (the entire driving operation is outside), which completely solves the problem that the kick-out system is susceptible to high temperature steam. Moreover, in the kick-out boot of the pellet machine, except for the kick-out turntable, the rest of the non-moving parts that can contact the material and steam are all made of stainless steel, which fundamentally solves the corrosion problem of metal materials.
  • YULONG 8th Generation Centrifugal High Efficient Pellet Machine YULONG 8th Generation Centrifugal High Efficient Pellet Machine
    Product IntroductionThe YULONG series vertical efficient centrifugal wood pellet maker incorporated the distinguishing features of all kinds of pellet mills at home and abroad. It has a unique design,  reasonable structure,  lower energy consumption, higher efficiency, more stability in motion and a much longer service life. It is a YULONG`S patent product which filled a gap in the vertical pellet mill.It is wide applicability to materials which is hard to moulding and adhesive: ex. Palm fruit fibre and shell, rice husk, peanut shell, sunflower seed shell,  agro-residues,  timber processing residues, industrial residues. XGJ series wood pellet machine has a variety of applications in feed plants,  woodworking factories, biomass fuel plants,  fertilizer plants, chemical plant etc.  It is an ideal dense compression molding equipment.
  • Pellets Packaging Machine and Biomass Pellets Ton Bag Scale Manufacturer Pellets Packaging Machine and Biomass Pellets Ton Bag Scale Manufacturer
    Pellets Packaging Machine Biomass Pellets Ton Bag Scale.Our company now has two type of packing machines: small bag packing machine and ton packing machine.We first introduce the small bag packing machine, it can packing pellets or powder materials.Automatic weighing, manual sealing, the packing and weighing range is10-40 kg per bag, about 200 bags can be packed per hour.The ton bag packing machine also can packing pellets and powders materials; it adopts hanging weighing, and packaging and weighing range is 500-1000 kg per bag; it can pack about 20 bags per hour. The main support frame is use thick galvanized sheet materials, it’s has high density, not easy to deform and corrode, and has long service life.The customers can according to their own requirements to choose which type of packaging machine you like? Of course, in the complete production line, the small and ton packing machine can be used in combination
  • YULONG Pellet Machine - Professional Pellet Solution Manufacturer YULONG Pellet Machine - Professional Pellet Solution Manufacturer
    Yulong biomass pellet machine is of high quality, as long as the ground is flat, it can work without anchor bolts. The Yulong crushing and pulverizing machine also does not need to install anchor bolts, and can work directly on the flat ground. Each machines will be tested for dynamic balance correction test before lwaving factory, and high machining accuracy ensures high quality. Yulong pellet machine is widely praised by customers, welcome all our  friends to visit Yulong company for guidance!
  • Mushroom Residue Pellet Produce Line | YULONG High Efficiency Biomass Pellet Machine | Supplier & Manufacturer - YULONG Mushroom Residue Pellet Produce Line | YULONG High Efficiency Biomass Pellet Machine | Supplier & Manufacturer - YULONG
    Why choose YULONG biomass pellet machine? This video  will tell you!YULONG manufactured biomass equipment for the entire pellet produce line, such as crushing, pulverizing, drying, pelleting machine.Let's follow YULONG technician and see the customer in Inner Mongolia, the raw material of this pellet produce line is branch fungus sticks. Here are the raw materials, sticks and twigs. This is the crushed material. Here is a mixer.  Mixed the materials after crushed the mushroom sticks and branches. Then the materials go through this auger and get on the conveyor. From the conveyor, go to the hydraulic bin. The conveyor enters the distributing auger on the top of the hydraulic bin. The feeding auger has three entrances. Below are three YULONG XGJ560 pellet mills. This is the finished pellets pressed by YULONG pellet mill, the pellets are uniform and high density. The pellets directly get into the cooler. After cooling, the pellets enter product warehouse.With more than 20 years experience, has served millions of customers. YULONG has been committed to helping customers improve production efficiency and reduce maintenance costs, and provides you with high-quality pellet machines.
  • YULONG Biomass Pellet Machine High Precision High Quality! | Professional Pellet Equipment Manufacturer YULONG Biomass Pellet Machine High Precision High Quality! | Professional Pellet Equipment Manufacturer
    When buying a biomass pellet machine, you must buy reliable equipment. Every boss, timing is business opportunity. When you have a large order coming to your door, the pellet machine must be able to carry the job. If the machine breaks down, it will delay making money. YULONG is a professional pellet machine manufacturer in China. Our company's various high-precision processing instruments have a total investment of more than 14 million dollers, SNK processing center, Doosan processing center, Neway turning and milling compound processing center, Radium 20,000 watts ultra-high power laser equipment and so on. The pellet machine produced is of good quality, high precision and guaranteed quality. YULONG XGJ560 pellet machine, with a power of 132 kilowatts, can produce 1.5-2 tons per hour. YULONG XGJ850 pellet machine has a power of 250 kilowatts and an output of 3-4 tons per hour. Buy a biomass pellet machine, choose a big brand, choose YULONG!
  • Wood Pellet Machine Wood Pellet Making Machine Wood Pellet Mill XGJ850 Wood Pellet Machine Wood Pellet Making Machine Wood Pellet Mill XGJ850
    Wood Pellet Machine/ Wood Pellet Making Machine/ Wood Pellet Mill XGJ850This is our 8th generation centrifugal highly efficient pellet machine, which is our patented product, we are its inventors and creators. Please look at the picture, it showed us the development of our pellet machine. From the advent of the first generation of machines in 2009 to the 8th generation in 2021. We are upgrading based on how to improve the stability of the equipment and how to extend the life of the work-piece. It is the crystallization of the wisdom of all our Yulong people.Other similar products on the market are imitating us.Next,  let me tell you the advantages and features of the 8th pellet machineThe pellet machine is mainly composed of four parts: the pellet mill, the lubricating oil pump, the dust removal and the electric control cabinet.1、The power is 250KW, capacity is 3-4tons/hr. The motor is directly connected tothe gear box to increase the conversion rate of kinetic energy and improve production efficiency.2、The gear box adopts three-stage gear deceleration, the carrying capacity is 5 timeslarger than the old model, and the service life is super long.The bearings of gear shafts are adjustable structure.The bearing can be adjusted without unloading the machine after long-term running of wear.The gearbox comes with a lubricating cooling system, it can cool down the lubricating oil without stopping the machine to ensure long-term operation.The gearbox lubrication system is equipped with flow detection and over-pressure protection, which can prevent equipment failures caused by poor lubrication effectively.3、New feed system. The external setting of the material dial completely solves theproblem that the dial material system is easily corroded by high temperature steam. It is a major innovation of the eighth generation pellet machine. In the material shifting cover, except for the material shifting turntable, other non-moving parts in contact with materials and steam are all made of stainless steel, which solves the corrosion problem of metal materials fundamentally.4、Core component-ring die: It is made of wear-resistant stainless steel material,quenched in a vacuum furnace, and the die has uniform hardness, no breakage, and super wear-resistant; the die holes are processed by high-speed gun drilling, the holes are evenly arranged, and the inside of the holes is smooth.5、The core component-roller: the roller adopts super wear-resistant alloy welding process, instead of the past surface carburizing treatment. Long life span, while realizing the protection of the ring die.This is our main equipment-pellet machine. This is our XGJ850 model. Power supply is 250KW, the capacity is 3-4ton/hr. We also have XGJ560 model .Power supply is 132KW, the capacity is 1.5-2ton/hr. You can choose one model according to your needs.
  • Biomass Pellet Burner Biomass Boiler Wood Chip Burner | YULONG Biomass Pellet Burner Biomass Boiler Wood Chip Burner | YULONG
    Biomass Pellet Burner,Biomass Boiler,Wood Chip Burner.1.Biomass pellet burner is wildly used in various industries such as boiler, casting machine,industrial stove,smelting furnace,kitchen equipment,drying equipiment ,food drying equipment,ironing equipment , lacquer equipment,Road building machinery equipment,Industrial annealing furnace,asphalt heating equipment .2.Biomass pellet burner adopts biomass pellet as fuel,YULONG brand burner is more wildly used and has lower requirement for fuel quality. Working Performance use biomass pellet as fuel burning efficiency is larger than 95%,Boiling type half gasification combustion and tangent of swirling air distribution design, makes fuel fully burned .3.Fully burned and burning stable. In micropressure situation not happen tempering and flamelifting phenomenon heating load can be wildly adjusted, can quickly adjust between 30%-130% of rated load,Initiate Block reaction is sensitive no pollution and high efficient environmental protection, burn reproducible biomass fuel,Realize the sustainable use of energy. It adopts low temperature section burning technolgoy, the nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide ,dust etc in smoke are low, which is the best substitute for coal stove etc4.Easy operating,convenient Maintenance, automatical feeding, automatical discharging,automatical igniting, automatical control temperature ,automatical 24 working hours without unattended substation.5.low invest, low working cost ,wide belt burning with frequency conversion, more fit for user requirement and can change burning type ,controling as per their requirement.
  • Professional Pellet Cooler Machine Manufacturer & Supplier Professional Pellet Cooler Machine Manufacturer & Supplier
    Pellet Cooler Machine.Our company uses SKLN series counter-flow cooler.Let's take a look at the main components: the upper housing, middle bin, cooling sieve,  vibrating screen, the frame, the observation window, bag dust collector, fan blower and other parts components.The cooler is mainly used to cool high-temperature pellets after pelleting; To reduce the temperature and humidity of the pellets, so as easy to transport and storage.After the pellets come out of the pellet machine, the temperature can be close to 70 degrees. The high-temperature pellets are very easy to break and produce water vapor, but the temperature of cooled pellets is close to the atmospheric temperature and can be directly packaged, so it is essential part in large pellets production lines, that to  convenient the pellet into next section (packaging section).Compared with the old cooler, the new cooler use thick galvanized sheet materials,has high density,not easy to deform,corrode and has long service life.1.The cooler adopts modular structure installation, it’s convenient for transportation and customer site assembly.2.And it’s adopt the unique vibration mechanism to discharge pellets, stable operation and smooth discharging.3.The cooler set up the material level device, real-time monitoring of the material position in the bin, with high degree of automation.Using counter-flow cooling principle, the pellets are cooled sufficiently and evenly.
  • Straw Crusher Rotary Cutting Machine Straw Crusher Rotary Cutting Machine
    Rotary cutter is a new type of special equipment for quickly crushing straw bales developed by our company according to market demand. It does not need to break the bales and realizes one-time crushing. Mainly used for crushing bundles of wheat straw, corn stalks, rice straw, alfalfa, etc.1. The top of the rotary cutter feeding part is an open design, which is convenient for forklift feeding.2. The turntable structure ensures that the material is in full contact with the rotor, then there is no dead corner of the material to be crushed, which improves the crushing efficiency.3. The rotor cutting structure of the rotary cutter, including the knives and the hammers, improves the crushing efficiency. The crushed materials are discharged from the machine by centrifugal force.4. According to market demand, in order to reduce the cost of crushing straw to make pellets, our company has developed an upgraded version of the same model---the rotary cutting and pulverizing integrated machine for materials with a moisture content of less than 25%. Improve production efficiency and reduce costs.Top-quality straw cutting machine supplier, YULONG professional custom-made rice straw cutter, contact now!
  • YULONG QSJ Series Rotary Cutter YULONG QSJ Series Rotary Cutter
    The crushing range of rotary cutter is wide,set chipping and crushing sections into one machine.It can cut wood branch and stem with 1-20cm diameter,also can sue for bamboo,grass,corn stalk,sorghum stalk,etc.It is wideyl used in the crushing process of crop stalk,straw fuel pellets,biomass power generation,and other industrial fields,It is the ideal processing equipments for charcoal factory,straw coal factory,breeding factory.Product Characteristics:1. The rotary disk of rotary cutter can be put large quantity of materials, intermittent feeding is possible.2. There is impede flap in the inner wall of the rotary disk, which can grasp straw bales to rotate. The cutting efficiency is high.3. The rotary cutter is a blend of cutting and crushing machine. The main material is straw bale in compaction status. Cutting intensity is high.4. It is no need disassembling to cut bale and actualizes high working efficiency and save labor cost.Top-quality straw cutting machine supplier, YULONG professional custom-made rice straw cutter, contact now!
  • Customer On-Site | YULONG Biomass Pellet Machine Customer On-Site | YULONG Biomass Pellet Machine
    Yulong biomass pellet machine is of good quality and high capacity. Let's take a look at the customer on-site production video with Yulong technicians.This customer ordered Yulong pellet machine with an output of 1.5-2 tons per hour. The customer's raw material is waste wood. The area of the workshop is about 2000 square meters.The output of each pellet machine is more than 1.5 tons.
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