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    Palm is full of treasure, palm fruit contains a lot of oil, after the extraction of palm oil, the residual residue contains a lot of fiber, can be made into fuel particles. The heat value of palm shell combustion is about 4600 kcal /kg, ash content is less than 1.98%, more suitable for small boiler use. In an energy crunch around the world, many manufacturers are experimenting with palm-fuel pellets mixed with coal as a heat source to ease rising fuel costs.What are the key steps in turning palm husks into fuel pellets?The first step is to use a palm shearer to cut and grind the material.The second step is to use a dryer to dry the palm shell to the moisture range of 10 to 15 percent. Drum dryer is a widely used drying equipment. The hot air enters the dryer barrel from the hot blast stove, the material enters from the feed port, the material is raised by the material plate in the dryer, and then the hot air contacts the material and takes away the moisture in the material.After drying in the third step, the palm is pulverized by an efficient grinder to a powder of 2-6mm suitable for granulation. The efficient crusher developed by Yulong company adopts drum gear coupling direct transmission, the rotor by dynamic balance check, can work in positive and negative direction; The feeding port is on the top of the crusher, which can be matched with various feeding mechanisms.Step four,with the pellet machine to prepare the material into particles. Yulong vertical centrifugal high efficiency ring mold pellet machine combines the advantages of traditional horizontal ring mold and flat mold pellet machine, especially suitable for biomass pelleting. The mould is made of stainless steel with high wear resistance and vacuum quenching. Ultra-high speed gun drill holes, holes of high finish. The mold is wearable and easy to use. The surface of the press wheel adopts robot surfacing welding wear-resisting material, which greatly improves the life of the press wheel. 
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