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The company supports one-stop service of biomass pelletizing equipment and services. We have first-class design capabilities, product supply capabilities, installation services, product quality control standards and program comparison and optimization capabilities, and high-quality customer service awareness, and we will wholeheartedly achieve the best one-stop service.

    Process of customizastion
    1.Our company will provide the information and trends about the biomass energy industry,investment analysis method and investment advice for the potential investor in biomass pellet industry through all of our online platform.
    2.We will communicate with customers to make a final design about the biomass pellet plant when investment decision to be done.
    3.We will provide quotation with the final design for customers ,then business terms and sales contract will be done step by step.
    4.We will make and conduct the production programme of the biomass pellet plant according to sales contract. High quality pellet machine is produced for our customers by high quality raw materials,advanced precise machine tools and strict quality control system.
    5.Shipment will be arranged after production.
    6.The installation for the biomass pellet plant will be under guidance on site or online when customers got the machinery .
    7.The adjustment and testing for the biomass pellet plant will be done under our guidance after installation.
    8.We will train customers` staff about operation and maintenance , when the production line in official operation ,.
    9.We will continuous communicate with customer about the status about the production line to make sure the problems occurred during running being solved immediately .
    10.We will create continuous value for customers by providing publicity service about their companies and products on all of our online platform.
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