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  • What are the Key Steps in Making GRASS into Grass Pellets? What are the Key Steps in Making GRASS into Grass Pellets?
    Reeds, straw and grass are rich in cellulose, which is not only the raw material for paper making, but also can be made into grass particles and become the fuel for heating people. People can also gain economic value by selling grass pellets.What are the key steps in making grass into grass pellets?Product IntroductionThe YULONG series vertical efficient centrifugal pellet mill incorporated the distinguishing features of all kinds of pellet mill at home and abroad. It has unique design,  reasonable structure,  lower energy consumption, higher efficiency, more stable in motion and much longer service life. It is a YULONG`S patent product which filled a gap of vertical pellet mill.It is wide applicability to the materials which is hard to molding and adhesive: ex. Palm fruit fibre and shell, rice husk, peanut shell, sunflower seed shell,  agro-residues,  timber processing residues, industrial residues . XGJ series pellet mill has a variety of applications in feed plants,  woodworking factories, biomass fuel plants,  fertilizer plants, and chemical plant etc.  It is an ideal dense compression molding equipment.
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