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  • How to Make Wood Pellets from Sawdust? | Biomass Equipment Manufacturer - YULONG
    How to Make Wood Pellets from Sawdust? | Biomass Equipment Manufacturer - YULONG
    Sawdust is a kind of waste material that gets collected after passing the wood through various stages like cutting, Sanding, grinding, drilling using a saw or some other similar tools. Generally, this by-product of wood is utilized for creating particleboard, which is used for producing furniture pieces or paper production through the wood pulp.The most important part played by the sawdust is when it is transformed into pellets to be used as fuel for cooking and more purposes. These days, the trend of creating wood pellets by making the use of sawdust is high as a lot of wastage gets saved with the utmost utilization of the resources. Various countries these days have several factories where wood pellets are made using sawdust. 
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