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  • YULONG TR-A6585 Wood Log Wood Waste Chipper Shredder Crusher
    YULONG TR-A6585 Wood Log Wood Waste Chipper Shredder Crusher
    In view of the complexity of the raw materials on the current market, we have developed a special set of knife roller rotors to effectively crush the demolition waste, building templates and waste wooden pallets. According to the special needs of customers, the company has developed a mobile device of the same type to realize all-terrain and barrier-free operation.The high-efficiency crusher is the preferred crushing equipment for biomass energy processing plants at present. The equipment is solid and durable, has a wide range of raw materials, good performance and convenient operation and maintenance. The machine is mainly used for crushing and crushing wood raw materials such as wooden pallets, wooden templates, construction wood and waste furniture. The equipment adopts a special structure, so that it can break wood with a large number of iron nails, which greatly widens the application scope of the equipment.
  • 10tons Per Hour Hard Wood Chipper Machine Shredder Products | YULONG
    10tons Per Hour Hard Wood Chipper Machine Shredder Products | YULONG
    YULONG T-Rex series Wood Crusher is our company's newly improved special equipment for wood crusher. It has a wide range of raw materials. Round wood, scrap, branches and other sizes materials. The largest model can directly crush round wood with a diameter of 50 cm. It is the preferred equipment for raw material processing before pellet processing, and it is also widely used in fuel processing in biomass power plants.Wood crusher is used to make wood chips, wood pieces which specially designed for round logs, square blocks ,wood staff and so on. The efficiency is much higher than the ordinary one.Operation easy, maintanence simple, life long znd the noise is low. They would be the best choice for factories and families which deal with wood scraps. It is your best choice to process wood products and sawdust.
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