How to Fully Burn Biomass Pellets? | YULONG Biomass Pellet Equipment Manufacturer

July 02, 2022

1. High Enough Temperature

The temperature is high enough to ensure the heat required for fire, while maintaining an effective burning rate. The ignition point of biomass pellet fuel is about 250℃, and its temperature increase is supplied by the subsequent fuel that burns well. During the ignition process, the heat gradually accumulates, so that more fuel participates in the reaction, and the temperature also increases. When the temperature reaches 800℃ Above, biomass will be able to burn well.

2. Appropriate Air Volume

If the air volume is too small, the combustible components cannot be fully burned, resulting in incomplete combustion loss; however, if the air volume is too much, the temperature of the combustion chamber will be lowered, affecting the degree of complete combustion, and in addition, it will cause a large amount of flue gas, Reduce boiler thermal efficiency.

3. Sufficient Combustion Time

The fuel burns at a certain speed, and it takes a certain amount of time to achieve the maximum degree of combustion so that the combustion is complete. The biggest problem in combustion adjustment is to keep the residence time of combustion in the furnace as much as possible. With enough combustion time, complete combustion can be achieved.

4. Timely Mixing of Oxygen

The primary air is enough to blow and penetrate the stirring fuel; the secondary air is strong and fast, and there is no oxygen deficiency in the most violent combustion center, and sufficient oxygen is maintained in the upper burnout area of the furnace (the upper two The secondary air should be opened as large as possible, and the use boundary of the three-stage superheater is not over-temperature, after the center of the flame in the furnace, a successively weakened temperature field is formed).

As long as the biomass particles meet the above four points during the combustion process, the combustion can be guaranteed to be good and complete.

From the above analysis, the main factors for the full combustion of biomass particles are the temperature control and reasonable oxygen supply of the biomass boiler, as well as the design of the furnace and other factors.

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