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3 Major Advantages and Preservation Methods of Biomass Pellet Fuel - You Must know!!

June 24, 2022

The Biomass Pellet Machine can press different kinds of biomass pellet fuel. According to the classification standard of biomass pellet fuel in Sweden and EU, the basic parameters such as length diameter, crushing rate, dry water content and ash content of biomass pellets are all biomass pellets characteristics.

3 Advantages of Biomass Pellet Fuel

1. The calorific value is relatively large, generally around 3900-4800 kcal/kg, and the calorific value after carbonization can reach more than twice;

2. The purity is relatively high. Few other impurities do not generate heat. For those stones or coal gangue, there is no sign of unheated and thermal impurities, enterprises reduce the cost of use;

3. It does not contain elements such as sulfur and phosphorus, which will not cause corrosion to the boiler, greatly prolong the service life of the boiler, and will not produce sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide during combustion, which greatly reduces the occurrence of acid rain and helps on the environment.

The Way Biomass Pellet Fuel is Stored is Also Very Important, Beware of Moisture.

What happens when the pellet fuel produced by Shandong YULONG biomass pellet machine gets wet?

1. When the biomass pellet fuel is wet, the first feeling is that the weight becomes larger. Because the raw dry biomass pellet fuel absorbs a lot of moisture in the air, resulting in an increase in weight.

2. After wetting, biomass pellet fuel will become loose and lack adhesion. Diffused biomass pellet fuels not only generate large amounts of powder, wasting fuel, but also affect loading.

3. Affect combustion. Wet biomass pellet fuels are more likely to coke in boilers and also generate heat. At the same time, more waste gas will be generated, which will not only waste resources, but also increase environmental pollution.

Wet biomass pellet fuel will not only affect the use, but also cause more serious environmental pollution. Therefore, enterprises must do a good job of storing biomass fuel to prevent biomass fuel from being wet. It is recommended that enterprises do not use biomass fuel directly after it is wet, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

Shandong YULONG Biomass Pellet Machine is a kind of equipment that is favored by the majority of entrepreneurial friends. Biomass pellet fuel is the continuation of bioenergy. Do you know the advantages of pellet fuel? To store well, beware of moisture!

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