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Peanut shells turn waste into treasure

Peanut shells are waste? No, statistics show that peanut shells make up about 20% of the weight of dried peanut pods. It could be a raw material for a new energy material, making pellets from peanut shells to replace coal as an important fuel. How to find your own treasure trove of peanut fuel from the garbage?

Peanuts and peanut shells

Peanut, formerly known as groundnut (scientific name: Arachis hypogaea Linn.), is a kind of nut that is abundant in production and widely eaten, also known as "long-life fruit", "mud bean", "bean" and so on. Belongs to rosaceae, leguminous annual herb, stem erect or prostrate, 30 ~ 80 cm long, wing flap and keel flap separated, pod 2 ~ 5 cm long, 1 ~ 1.3 cm wide, swelling, pod thick, fruit and fruit period from June to August. Mainly distributed in Brazil, China, Egypt and other places. There are various types of peanuts throughout the world, characterized by branching habit and branching length. Extensive peanut production has left a wealth of peanut waste, such as peanut shells and peanut fibres, which are now considered potential fuel sources.

The value of peanut shells

After harvest and hulling, the separation of the peanut shell or shell from the nut accounts for about 20% of the weight of the dried peanut pod, which means a large amount of shell residual biomass is left after processing. Peanut shells are used as cattle feed, poultry waste and garden mulch, and they are now seen as a potential fuel source.

The ingredients of peanut shells

Although the composition of peanut shell varies from variety to variety, the main chemical composition of peanut shell does not change greatly with variety. The main components of peanut shell are cellulose 37.0%, lignin 28.8%, protein 8.2% and carbohydrate 2.5%. The composition of the peanut shell makes the peanut a treasure in disguise, which can be used as fuel and feed production.

Peanut shell fuel pellets

In order to make full use of peanut shell and develop new energy, peanut shell pellet machine can be used to suppress peanut shell into fuel particles. Peanut shell pelletizer has flat die and ring die two kinds. The former is usually used for small-scale pellet production and is favored by household users, farmers, while the latter is used for large-scale pellet production and is used by medium and large pellet producers for large boilers and power generation.

The advantages of peanut shell particles

Peanut shells are directly used as fuel, which is large, low burning rate and difficult to transport. Granulation of peanut shell will greatly improve its storage and logistics.

Peanut shell particles have the following advantages:

High density peanut shell particles can be ignited quickly, with good combustion performance, high combustion efficiency and less ash.

Peanut shells are a common ingredient and readily available. This will reduce the production cost of peanut shell granules and provide a larger profit margin.

Peanut pellet fuel is a kind of green biomass energy, low emissions, environmental friendly.

Due to its high combustion rate and easy storage, peanut shell particles can be widely used in civil heating and daily energy supply, as well as industrial boilers for power generation.

Production process and equipment used for peanut shell pellets:

Biomass pellet machine will be prepared to granulate the material into particles. This step is the core of the entire production line, so the stability and high yield of the particle machine is the top priority for customers to consider.

The particle cooler cools the newly extruded hot particles and hardens them. The process after the particle machine is to cool the particles. The speed is too slow and the cooling is not uniform through natural cooling. It is necessary to use a professional particle cooler.

Biological particle ton bag packaging equipment according to the requirements of packaging particles, can be small bags or tons of bags.

Conveying equipment, placed at the front and back end of the host equipment to assist in the transportation of raw materials during the production process

Electric control cabinet, control the whole production line of all equipment power

As the core of pellet production, the pellet machine determines the quality of the whole production line. YULONG vertical circular mold biomass fuel pellet machine is very suitable for its strong adaptability, simple operation, convenient maintenance and other characteristics, is strongly recommended.

For large scale pellet production, it is recommended to use a vertical ring die pellet machine because of its high production capacity.

Peanut shell pellet equipment recommendation

Notes in Pellet Processing:

  1. Before the worker gets on the machine, the operator must read the instruction manual carefully to understand the various technological processes of the equipment.

  2. In the production process, strictly follow the procedures and operation sequence, and carry out the installation operation as required.

  3. The main equipment needs to be installed and fixed on a flat concrete floor and fixed with screws.

  4. Smoking and open flames are strictly prohibited at the production site.

  5. After each boot, it needs to be idle first. After the equipment runs normally without abnormality, the material can be fed evenly.

  6. It is strictly forbidden to add hard impurities such as stones and metals into the feeding device. In order to avoid damage to the granulation chamber, iron should be removed before granulation.

  7. It will be dangerous, if the material is moved by hand or other tools during the operation of the equipment.

  8. If abnormal noise occurs during the production process, the power supply should be cut off immediately. After checking and handling the abnormal situation, the production can continue.

  9. The feeding must be stopped first, and then the machine should be shut down. After the raw materials of the feeding system are processed, the power supply should be cut off.

Correctly operating the pellet mill as required and paying attention to relevant matters as required can not only improve the output and operating performance of the equipment, but also prolong the service life of the equipment.

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