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The characteristics and uses of bamboo

Bamboo is regarded as a promising renewable resource. Bamboo has the advantages of fast growth, easy processing, good mechanical properties, low cost and wide use. Bamboo is a natural selection for biomass energy production. Bamboo is a member of the grass family, although they are woody in nature. There are about 1250 species of bamboo in the world, ranging in height from 10 to 40 cm. Bamboo can be harvested four times a year and covers millions of hectares worldwide, meaning it is a potential sustainable biomass fuel or raw material. Bamboo has been widely used in daily life. Bamboo has been used in general construction, paper and textile production, handicraft production, food production, furniture production and biomass energy production. In addition, bamboo is a promising renewable resource because of its advantages of fast growth, simple processing, good mechanical properties, low cost and wide use.

The composition of bamboo

The constituent elements of bamboo are suitable for suppressing particles. As one of the important biomass resources, bamboo has the characteristics of wide distribution, fast growth and multiple uses, and has high utilization value in biomass-based energy and materials. The results showed that the total mass fraction of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin in bamboo was about 70%, and the content of cellulose and hemicellulose yarn was 48%~55.7%. Bamboo is a good raw material for further transformation because they are easier to be degraded than lignin. By comparing the composition of bamboo at different growing stages, it was found that the chemical composition of bamboo at 1 year, 2 years and perennial had little change, which indicated that bamboo could grow and mature in a short period of time (1 year), and had a very optimistic prospect as a renewable material. It also has good mechanical properties, which means that bamboo can be easily processed into granules by a pellet machine. The calorific value of dried bamboo is about 16 MJ/kg and the moisture content is about 13%. Fixed carbon content is about 15%, while volatile matter content is almost 80%. These properties make bamboo comparable to wood and superior to crop residues such as grass and straw. The inorganic ash content of biomass particles depends on the composition of mineral components in the source fuel and the combustion process. The ash forming elements are Na, Mg, Si, Al, Fe, Ca, Na, K, Zn and Ti.

The value of bamboo as biomass energy

Bamboo is considered as a new energy source. The biomass fuel processed from bamboo has a low calorific value of 4400-4500 kcal/kg and ash content of 0-1%, similar to or slightly higher than beech, spruce, eucalyptus, etc. Fuel particles made from this material are used in fireplaces and stoves.

The production process of bamboo granules

The bamboo slag transported into the particle factory is crushed into appropriate size, and the processed bamboo chips are dried and sent to the bamboo pellet machine to be pressed into particles. The newly extruded bamboo particles are cooled and solidified into solids and strengthened. At the same time, after screening, bamboo particles and bamboo particles are separated, and then packaged, stored or transported. The whole process is illustrated below.

Bamboo pellet production process will be involved in the equipment

Electric control cabinet (power equipment to control the whole production line) Tyrannosaurus crushers pulverize properly sized and dried materials into powder for granulation. The tumble dryer dries the raw material to the moisture range required for granulation Biomass pellet machine will be prepared to granulate the material into particles The particle cooler cools the newly extruded hot particles and hardens them Biological particle ton bag packaging equipment (according to the requirements of packaging particles, can be small bags or tons of bags. Conveying equipment (placed at the front and back end of the mainframe equipment to help transport raw materials during the production process) As the core of bamboo pellet production, the pellet machine determines the quality of the whole production line. YULONG vertical circular mold biomass fuel pellet machine is very suitable for its strong adaptability, simple operation, convenient maintenance and other characteristics, is strongly recommended. For large-scale production of bamboo pellets, it is recommended to use a vertical ring mold granulator because of its high production capacity. If you have an abundant bamboo source, this is an opportunity to make bamboo pellet fuel through the pellet mechanism for home use or profit.

Notes in Pellet Processing:

1. Before the worker gets on the machine, the operator must read the instruction manual carefully to understand the various technological processes of the equipment.

2. In the production process, strictly follow the procedures and operation sequence, and carry out the installation operation as required.

3. The main equipment needs to be installed and fixed on a flat concrete floor and fixed with screws.

4. Smoking and open flames are strictly prohibited at the production site.

5.After each boot, it needs to be idle first. After the equipment runs normally without abnormality, the material can be fed evenly.

6. It is strictly forbidden to add hard impurities such as stones and metals into the feeding device. In order to avoid damage to the granulation chamber, iron should be removed before granulation.

7. It will be dangerous, if the material is moved by hand or other tools during the operation of the equipment.

8. If abnormal noise occurs during the production process, the power supply should be cut off immediately. After checking and handling the abnormal situation, the production can continue.

9. The feeding must be stopped first, and then the machine should be shut down. After the raw materials of the feeding system are processed, the power supply should be cut off.

Correctly operating the pellet mill as required and paying attention to relevant matters as required can not only improve the output and operating performance of the equipment, but also prolong the service life of the equipment.

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