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How Biomass Fuel is Produced for a Variety of Applications?

December 17, 2021

With the increasing focus on limiting carbon emission, reducing the effect of greenhouse gases, and developing a sustainable environment, fossil fuel usage isn’t a great option. As a result, biomass pellets derived from wood waste, forestry residues, and other materials are used as fuel for domestic as well as large-scale industrial purposes.

Pellet fuel is a renewable, clean, and stable heating alternative made from recycled wood waste. Nmerous homes are using pellets for heating in stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, and boilers. It is also used for large-scale production in different manufacturing facilities to ensure clean burning and cost-effective procedures. Using a biomass pellet machine can be the best solution to extract waste from landfills and transform it into energy for a sustainable future ahead.

What is a Biomass Fuel?

Materials like wood pellets, wood chips, cordwood, agricultural products, and by-products are capable of producing energy, such as biomass fuel. The best part is it is renewable, consistent, and can burn the efficiency of pellet fuel with raw biomass materials. Biomass fuel brings countless possibilities and proves to be stable in price as compared to fossil fuels.

The Art and Science of Biomass Pelletizing

A huge amount of unused material remains in the forest. This kind of material is rejected by high-grade wood product manufacturers but seems a viable resource for commercial biomass pellet manufacturers. By using waste like cornstalks, residual forest, straw, etc., pellets can use dozens of wastes and put them into use for a variety of domestic and industrial purposes.

Many manufacturers take the wood waste and refine them into uniform size with low moisture content for energy-efficient resources. The biomass pelletizing process is divided into various stages, such as pre-treatment of raw materials, pelletization, and post-treatment.

At first, raw materials are accumulated and prepared for feedstock, such as wood shavings, sawdust, wood waste, and agricultural residues. Filtration is done to remove unwanted particles and store them in such a manner to keep impurities and moisture content away.

The moisture content in biomass is relatively higher, usually up to 50-60%, which can be declined to 10 to 15%. A rotary dryer is mainly used to increase the efficiency of biomass pellets, which produces no smoke on combustion. The drying process is a crucial energy-intensive operation and ensures total energy used during the pelletization.

To handle the pellets easily, a uniform shape and size are given using pellet making machine and feed system that minimizes cost. High-density and evenly shaped pellets can be stored and transported in trucks for home heating and industrial applications.

Applications of Biomass Pellets

Pellet fuel can be processed through crushing, drying, mixing, pelletizing, cooling and packaging. Biomass pellets produced from wood waste is used as green energy fuel, which is a great substitute for fossil fuel like coal, gasoline, and natural gas. Wood pellets are mainly used for industrial use, domestic heating, stove, hot water supply, generating electricity, and other applications.


Since companies are encouraged to build a low-carbon and eco-friendly economy, pellet making machines are in huge demand. Biomass fuel is predicted to be an efficient source of fuel in domestic heating and industrial purposes, owing to its renewability, sustainability, and reduced environmental threat.

Manufacturers are using raw materials like sawdust, rice husk, grass, peanut shell, branches, wood shavings, straw, and agriculture residue, coupled with advanced equipment to produce cost-effective and clean-burning fuel.

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