How to Build Wood Pellet Fuel Production Line?

November 06, 2021

Wood Pellet Production Line Introduction 

Wood pellet fuel is a new bioenergy, it can replace wood, fuel oil, liquefied natural gas and so on, widely used for heating, domestic cooking range, hot water boiler, industrial boiler, biomass power plant and so on.
Because the shape is pellet, the volume is compressed, storage space is saved, and transportation is convenient, reducing transportation cost. Secondly, high combustion efficiency, easy to burn out, the amount of carbon residue is small. Compared with coal, the volatile content is high and the ignition point is low, which is easy to ignite. Increased density, high energy density, combustion duration increased significantly, can be directly used in coal-fired boilers. When biomass pellets are burned, the content of harmful gas is very low.

Development Prospect Of Wood Pellet Production Line 

·From the perspective of environmental maintenance of sawdust particle production, renewable energy can improve environmental degradation.

·Considering the energy security of wood pellet production, it can alleviate the shortage of energy.

·Develop renewable power to apply rural areas, which can increase farmers’ income and improve rural conditions.

·The emphasis on renewable driving force can constitute a new point of economic growth, promote changes in economic growth methods, expand employment, promote continuous economic and social development, is a considerable   development prospects.

Main Equipment Of Wood Pellet Production Line

The wood pellet production line includes the following equipment: crusher, dryer, wood pellet machine, conveyor, cooling machine, packaging machine.

Process Flow Of Wood Pellet Production Line

Collect raw materials → crush raw materials → dry raw materials → press pellets → cool pellets → sieve finished products → pack them in bags.
Every step and every machine in the wood pellet production line has strict operation specifications and quality requirements to ensure the quality of products.
Sawdust granulator is a mechanical equipment which is made of eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruit and other fast-growing shrubs, sawdust, sawdust and other materials through crushing or screening, and drying.

How To Work Wood Pellet Machine

There are two basic types of wood pellet machine, flat die and ring die. With flat die pellet machine, press roll and press die relative movement of the material clamping, compression, compaction into the die hole, through the die empty and then through cutting to form pellets or blocks. Ring die pellet machine has a ring die. Through the ring die and roller extrusion, extrusion into the ring die hole, and continue to extrude to the outer end.

Wood pellet machine production process will be used in wood or other raw materials first crushed into sawdust. Then through a funnel-shaped mold, the raw material is forced to extrude from the model hole in a fixed diameter, eventually compressing it into dense pellets. The heat generated by compression and friction during this process can melt lignin in the wood. As the pellets pass through the other end of the wood pellet machine, they slowly cool down. As the lignin cools, it can cement all the ingredients, resulting in hard, solid pellets.

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