Professional Pellet Cooler Machine Manufacturer & Supplier

Professional Pellet Cooler Machine Manufacturer & Supplier

Pellet Cooler Machine.
Our company uses SKLN series counter-flow cooler.
Let's take a look at the main components: the upper housing, middle bin, cooling sieve,  vibrating screen, the frame, the observation window, bag dust collector, fan blower and other parts components.

The cooler is mainly used to cool high-temperature pellets after pelleting; To reduce the temperature and humidity of the pellets, so as easy to transport and storage.

After the pellets come out of the pellet machine, the temperature can be close to 70 degrees. The high-temperature pellets are very easy to break and produce water vapor, but the temperature of cooled pellets is close to the atmospheric temperature and can be directly packaged, so it is essential part in large pellets production lines, that to  convenient the pellet into next section (packaging section).

Compared with the old cooler, the new cooler use thick galvanized sheet materials,has high density,not easy to deform,corrode and has long service life.

1.The cooler adopts modular structure installation, it’s convenient for transportation and customer site assembly.
2.And it’s adopt the unique vibration mechanism to discharge pellets, stable operation and smooth discharging.
3.The cooler set up the material level device, real-time monitoring of the material position in the bin, with high degree of automation.
Using counter-flow cooling principle, the pellets are cooled sufficiently and evenly.

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