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Household wast pellet machine



Our company has introduced into Germanic advanced pellet pressing technology, inventing the Taper-shape roller series flat-die pellet mills. they can make pellets (6-12mm), briquettes (15-30mm), which is mainly applicable to crude fiber granulation, such as: sawdust (especially for soft wood sawdust), cotton stalk and all kinds of crop straw, home wastage, the worn out plastic and the factory reject, the material of low ashesion rate and difficult to forming, they also can be applied to low temperature pelleting, such as: biological fertilizer, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer. It is especially confirmed to the world market of renewable compression biomass energy demand. They are our patent products.
Compared to ring-die pellet mills, the ring dies pellet mills is restricted by ring diameter, its roller can not be enlarged enough, roller bearing room is smaller, so the assembly bearing are not strong enough to withstand pressure, so the problems come to being: bearings less standing abilty leads to frequent repair.

The mainly parameter of the SKJ4- series household wast pellet machine:








1.The rollers adopts Taper-shape to make both ends line-speed consistent to die-inner and die-outer, so it avoids dislocation friction between rollers and dies, so the dies' lifetime is enlarged. This is significant difference between the similar compression formation machines.
2. It adopts screw-center adjusting pressure structure; the pressed rollers' gap can be adjusted small or big, so it can meet the different materials demand and make sure the pelleting effect.
The taper rollers and flat dies have the unique advantages of enlarging the rollers, so they are can not be replaced compared with other related equipments.

 Household wast pellet machine


Household wast pellet machine


Household wast pellet machine


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Household wast pellet machine 


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 Household wast pellet machine

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Household wast pellet machine  Household wast pellet machine

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