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Straw Crusher

Straw Crusher


Dual Rotor Hammer Mill introduction

On the basis of inherited traditional grinder advantages, our Dual Rotor Hammer Mill is designed by the modern latest smash theory. It has dual rotors, double tangent speed impact, crushes materials instantly. It avoids problems such as Circulation and sieve blocking which single rotor hammer mill will meet. With same power, its capacity will be more than 30% higher than single rotor hammer mill and power consumption lower 3-4kw for crushing per ton material. It has the incomparable advantages compares with the traditional hammer mill.

 Set the adjustable break-circulation device, suitable for varied materials with optimization function. Double crushing rooms, double rotors, simultaneously positive and negative rotation, high open porosity sieve instant smash, reduce the production of intermediate particles, no sieve blocking phenomenon. No material circulation during crushing process. The materials rotate with circulation phenomenon completely disappeared.

 Fully optimized hammer arrangement, greatly reducing the number of hammer; hammer adopted special abrasion resistant treatment technology, lengthening it lifetime. Adjustable space between hammers and sieve plate.

 All kinds of precise detections such as the high-precision dynamic balancing, ensure more stable operation, no vibration, lower noise, better performance; The slide rails-style door opening structure, linkage dual pressure screening agencies, make the operation more user-friendly, more convenient.

It is widely used for all kinds of wood chips, wood shavings, grass, straw, stalk, corn, weeds, soybean, PVC foaming board, rubber and so on. 


Technical Parameter:


 Straw Crusher



Straw Crusher 


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 Straw Crusher

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