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Double rollers shearing crusher

 Double rollers shearing crusher


1.Our GQJ series double rollers shearing crusher absorbs the quintessence of shearing crusher from abroad. We design and produce it as per the fibrous raw material processing industry. It absorbs double rollers differential speed flower knife structure, so it solves the problems of easy winding and hard cutting for fibrous raw materials. It has the following features: high efficiency, energy conservation, low-loss, no noise and no dust. This crusher is our careful researches, domestic initiative new product, and reach the international advanced level.

2.Double rollers shearing crusher is the best choice for easy winding and hard cutting fibrous raw materials. It is widely used in energy industry, chemical industry and environment-protection field. And it s the ideal crushing equipment with low investment, high profit and no risk.

3.double rotor shearing machine is professional to crush construction waste such as bricks, cement,wood timber,wood pallet, furniture waste,household waste,plastic waste,rubber waste,coconut shell,plam bunch, palm shell,palm fiber e.c.t  After crushed, will outlet 2-15mm small pieces.

4.double rotor shearing machine is that it doesn't have limit for raw humidity ,saves energy, low consumption, low noise and no dust . Now  widely used in farm industry, household recycling factory, plam  oil  waste dealing industry,coconut oil waste dealing industry,construction industry, household waste dealing industry,wood waste dealing industries.

5.double rotor shearing machineknives are fixed hard and
easily operate, The maintenance and replacement of the knives&n bsp;can be done without disconnecting the crusher completely.
6.double rotor shearing machine has high roller running processing.
the knives are made by CNC systems , which has long life time and high precision .

Working Performance

1.New double rollers differential speed flower knife structure, differential shear zone formed between two rollers, greatly improving the smashing effect;

2.400-type cutting machine bottom roll with screen panels, 650-type with fixed knives, after differential shear, material will be cut for the second time which will be more efficient and energy saving;

3.Professionally designed rotor assembly and rigorous dynamic balance test, rotor run more smoothly

4.Equipped with mountings for easy disassembly, ease of maintenance and replacement

5.Knife blade special handling, good abrasion resistance, long service life

6.Widely used in the fields of energy, chemicals and areas of environmental protection and energy saving, small investment and quick return.


Technical Parameter:


Double rollers shearing crusher

Double rollers shearing crusher






Double rollers shearing crusher 



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 Double rollers shearing crusher

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