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Wood splitter

Wood splitter 




1.Wood splitter is professionally to split big wood logs and various stump. It can change knives frame according to customer requirement to split logs into two pieces or four pieces.

2.Wood splitter has reasonable structure,durable use,high capacity,easy operating,safe work charactors ,which is the best product insteading of saw.

3.Wood splitter is fit for wood chips manufacture to make timber,paper etc and the most ideal product assistantly to produce wood chips. Also now it is the most modern splitting machine.

Working performance

1.Change knives frame according to customer requirement,various use,low invest,convenient repair.

2.Stable knives blade is dealt specially, excellent wear-resisting,long life.

3.Widly used in energy and environmental protection industry, ,low invest,quick feedback.

Technical parameter


Wood splitter


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 Wood splitter

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Wood splitter  Wood splitter

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