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How much do you know about the wood sawdust machine

Sawdust crusher, also called wood shavings, sawdust crusher, wood sawdust machine, it is professional series machine of wood crushing equipment with years of study and design. Because of reasonable design, compact structure, safe, durable, high production efficiency, after use, good effect, low noise, simple structure, compact layout, price cheap, stable work, less energy consumption, high output, finished wood sawdust in good quality and low processing cost. Sawdust crusher slicing, crushing, can also be used for bamboo, straw, corn stalks, sorghum stalk fiber stem shape materials for chipping. Sawdust crusher host by rotor, up body, the body of three parts. Crushing chamber adopts multistage crush process and finely principle of the device, its characteristic is huge impact, high production efficiency and the ability to work. It generally used before wood pellet machine.


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