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Production management of pellet machine production line

Pellet machine feeding port, the different biomass materials should be stacked warehouse specially, away from (flammable, explosive, fire source) and there are signs, indicating the name of the raw materials, humidity, the date of purchase. Pellet machine production line base tube of each pellet machine feeding port number, draw the distribution map of the whole yard area, respectively, notify the laboratory, control operators, equipment manager, material member, and in line with the above personnel jointly determine the input material feeding slogan, and the material storage situation. Strengthen the management of materials and dust, etc.. Each feeding mouth should be identified and pellet machine indicate the name and the humidity of the storage of raw materials; in each pellet machine cast material outlet should be with cooler and vibration sieve consistent sign and marked on the specification and number; each particle production line by the person responsible for entering data management, biomass materials storage required by collecting material, Supplier personnel check both sides, signature confirmation, prevent into error occurred in the process of material, result in loss of production; pellet machine production line base pipe member with a raw material feeding port number, and make feeding port distribution, respectively, notify the test chamber and a control and facilities managers.


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