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Biomass fuel combustion characteristic

Biomass fuel burning both raw material easy ignition, burning full, the characteristics of coal combustion stability by a long duration, and nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxide emissions low, is an excellent fuel.

(1) straw briquette fuel is after high pressure and formation of the block fuel, its density is much greater than the original material, the structure and organization characteristic determines the volatile rate of overflow and heat transfer rate are greatly reduced.The ignition temperature was increased, the ignition performance
Worse, but it is better than type coal ignition performance, from the ignition performance considerations, still do not break the ignition characteristics of biomass.Slowly began to decompose, when volatile combustion in power, with the volatile combustion gradually enter the transition area and the diffusion zone, combustion rate can make volatile moderate put out heat transfer to heating surface in time, reduce exhaust heat loss.Volatile combustion at the same time the required oxygen diffusion of oxygen with the outside world better matching, volatile to burn out, but more join air again, temperature rising, reduce a lot of incomplete combustion loss and exhaust gas heat loss.
(2) after volatile combustion, the rest of the carbon skeleton structure closely, like type coal tar carbon skeleton, the airflow movement cannot make skeleton disintegration of suspension, keep the skeleton carbon can layer, can a cambium-like burning core.Then the charcoal burning need
Oxygen and static diffusion of oxygen, and stable combustion, the temperature is higher, thereby reducing the solid and exhaust heat loss.Can see clearly in the process of burning charcoal burning process, with bright blue flames package of carbon blocks, burning time extended obviously. 
Advantages of biomass shaped fuel, combined with the current limiting coal policy, market demand is very big, the sale not sorrow, is a very good investment projects.Yulong machinery, for many years, has rich experience, to provide you with the most professional support.
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