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Straw hammer mill-a machine multi-functional high efficiency

Important reasons straw in the conventional process, there are many drawbacks, conventional incineration, accumulation become air pollution, under the correct guidance and policy of environmental awareness, the use of straw is also diversified way up from before the burning of firewood for cooking now pulverized granulated silage as feed, fertilizer fermentation, and so do energy particles. And this series of applications are inseparable from the strong support of the straw pulverizer.

Corn stalk shredders Yulong is designed for research and development of new machines straw, also known as "peeling machine." For example, rice straw, corn stalks, sunflower bars, etc., can use this machine with a complete crush. Straw crushed granulation or direct storage or fermentation. Its lowest output of 1-3 tons per hour, the highest single yield about 4-6 tons, and therefore yield, high efficiency, processing for small manufacturers, the one-time supply.
According to the characteristics of each material, we have the corresponding grinding equipment, crushing branches and pieces of wood triaxial grinder, grinding waste building templates wooden pallet mill, pulverized wood woody cotton mill, also known as multi-function mill. The minimum fineness of grinding in general about 2mm, for granulation absolutely no problem. For fermenting silage and straw, rough broken can, without too crushed to a fine. Welcome message advice, we will give you details.
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