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Basic knowledge of wood pellet fuel

What are wood pellets: wood pellets is a new biomass renewable energy, to use wood waste, twigs, bark, sawdust and other solid wastes to press into pellet after crushing, that is, "wood pellets." wood pellet widely used in wood pellet burners . The most common wood pellets made of sawdust and wood chips made from ground, is the production of furniture or wood waste.

The difference of wood pellet fuel
Standard grade pellet fuel (up to 3% ash content) raw materials generally produce more ash, such as material sawdust with bark(which contains more impurities) or agricultural residues such as nut shells. Standard pellets should only be used in designated stoves.
Quality fuel particles (ash content less than 1%) usually made of hardwood or softwood bark-free chips. Western hardwood high fuel ash content of about 0.3%, the eastern hardwood is about 0.7%. Quality pellet accounted for more than 95% of the current production of the pellets, can generally be burned in a specific standard or high-fuel stove. With the design of the furnace is improved resistance to gray, is expected to increase the availability of standard fuel. 
Ash content determines the fuel level, because of its role in the maintenance frequencies. It is major factor to impact of ash removal and ventilation system maintains. In the early furnace design, the compatibility of the fuel is to determine whether the stove works well. Fuel level and specific ash content remains to be considered, but advances in technology of furnace fuel make widely choice easier. gray cylinder size, feed and grille design, proper ventilation, proper operation and maintenance and so affect the frequency of maintenance.
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