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The new goal of environmental protection of biomass pellet machine

Energy saving and emission reduction is not only the solemn promise made by China to the world environmental protection, but also the need of enterprise development. Biomass pellet machine appears to provide clean energy for enterprise development, and make great contribution to energy-saving and emission reduction.

Biomass pellet press straw, wood waste into pellets for fuel, it's replace coal, oil, electricity, natural gas and other energy sources for the life and production of various industries. This is new type of biomass pellet fuel, which is produced by the combustion of dust, harmful gases and other substances is very small, the pollution of the environment is very small, it is renewable clean energy.

Biomass pellet machine for the full use of resources, energy saving and environmental protection, with the maximum limit of development potential.
The First, the comprehensive utilization of waste straw resources. A large number of crop straw, the scientific and reasonable utilization will have great effect; then, urban greening is cut down trees, weeds, these are can be recycled, and such as life refuse, peanut shell and so on. These resources can be recycled waste into fuel.
Secondly, natural mineral energy resources is short, but life and social progress are inseparable from energy support, want to live as usual, the healthy development of the society, only to the development of new energy, is the way out. Biomass pellet fuel, which is used to be a modern clean fuel, can be directly applied to the traditional coal fired boiler equipment in the city. Straw fuel volatile high, easy precipitation, good carbon activity, flammable, less ash, fast ignition, more fuel saving, reduce the use of cost. After forming the straw compression block, the volume is small, the ratio is significant, is resistant to burning, is easy to store and transport.
In the development of society, enterprises only adapt to the development of the times to survive. Environmental protection is the national demand for enterprises, and energy conservation is the need for enterprise development. Biomass pellet machine can make the enterprise development and environmental protection harmonious development.
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