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Safety Operation Matters For Wood Chipper

Wood chipper operation should be noted:

1, the work appears as blocking material, iron bars, etc. are not allowed to hand or force feeding, should be shut down immediately clear;
2,in operation, such as unusual or hear unusual sounds should immediately stop inspection, must cut off the power before checking, troubleshooting prohibited while the machine is running;
3, the moving parts filling butter once a day, the main bearings 300 hours required filling a lithium grease butter;
4, stops working, it should let the machine idle for two minutes, blowing inside the dust, weeds, and then shut down.
5, to give full play to the machine performance, the operator shall not be less than two;
6, with guillotine material must not contain iron, stone and other debris;
7, in operation, appropriate adjustments to the amount of feed material, could easily lead to excessive overload stops and too little affect a cutting efficiency;

Yulong wood chipper, there are three types, namely chips drum machine, disc type wood chips and mobile machine, wood machine three kinds of different output sizes, from 1-2t / h to 40-50t / h has, can processed timber size according to the size of the feed inlet device varies, the final shape of the chips size 10-30mm; wherein the disc, drum machine is widely used in wood particleboard plant, medium and high density fiberboard factory, furniture factory, biomass power generation factory, wood factory, mobile chips do not rely on electricity changed the traditional production process, more flexible production environment, material transport is also more convenient.
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