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Deliver flat die pellet machine for Romania customer

Yulong machine is popular in Europe. We have agent in Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia and have many customers in other countries of Europe. 

It is long history for European area to make and use wood pellets. The development of pellet making is mature.  
There are two kinds of usage for the pellets in Europe, one is family use, the other is factory use. In China, there is no family using pellets, they usually use coal as fuel. 
Vertical ring die pellet machine is the most suitable machine for making wood pellets, but it is not suit family. While flat die pellet machine is much more suitable for family use. There are many small models of flat die pellet mill, with cheap price, easy to use, capacity is low but enough for family use. 
More than 50% percent of Yulong Pellet Machines are exported to other countries every year. We have rich export experience and good product quality. Welcome to contact with us, if you want more machines details. 
Deliver flat die pellet machine for Romania customer 
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