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How is the performance of agriculture straw pellet making machine

Corn stalk crops, wheat straw, rice straw, peanut shells, corn cob, cotton stalks, soybean pole in many cases can not be fully utilized, now with the improvement of environmental protection requirements and to promote environmental protection, which can change waste into treasure. After crushing, pressing, densification, molding, into small solid particles of fuel rod. Straw particles has made great progress, then how straw pellet machine performance?

Straw pellet machine Introduction:
Straw pellet machine is a kind of crop straw crushed raw material, pressed into pellets, rods finished machine. Made of straw pellets are widely used as a fuel, power plants, hospitals, schools and other places.

Device Common Name:
Straw particle machine, particle machine corn straw, biomass fuel particle machine, straw coal molding machine

Common raw materials:
Cotton stalks, peanut shells, twigs, palm, corn stalks, straw and other crops.

Product advantages:
1. Vertical ring die, vertical feed, effectively prevent product material clogging from happening.
2. Die static, roller rotating, so that the material distribution, improve production efficiency.
3. Double layer ring die in one machine, a mold can produce two different specifications of particles, effectively reduce costs.
4. The two sets of lubrication system, roller automatic lubrication, circulating lubrication with the gearbox, keep your machine running smoothly.
5. patented product, a mature design, through the ISO9002 quality system certification, CE certification.
6. The professional service team, on-site installation, telephone installation guide.
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