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Wood pellet machine die clogging how to clean up

Wood pellet machine in the production process due to excessive feed rate, feed particle size is too large, high raw material moisture, mold is not well polished production with a sudden power outage did not replace the oil inside the mold particles all the circumstances, there will be with die clogging, horizontal ring die pellet mill equipment feed because it is made of, for the production of wood pellets though clunky, but because of lighter specific gravity wood chips must be forced to forced feeding feeders, so often die orifice problem of clogging. After removing the need to manually clean up mold drill gun drill, time consuming, clean up once at least two hours.

The vertical ring die wood pellet machine due to the unique design, the vertical blanking natural way of feeding, frequency control feed rate, so few cases die of clogging, even occasionally, it is relatively easy to solve.
First, if you find after wood pellet machine started not expected to stop falling into the feed conveyor, to open a separate wood pellet machine, take a bucket shaped particles added slowly, wood pellet machine started a small discharge, with the increase of the quantity when increasing the amount of feed grains, until the dispute reached the quantity of production output, it can boot normally produced.
Second, do not rule out the operation of the workers is not strong sense of responsibility, found wood pellet machine is not material in the device stew machine, this time to supply wood pellet machine stopped, turn off the feed conveyor, by causing the device stew machine, the problem more serious, you need to open the top cover corners wood pellet machine screws, remove the upper feed plate thickness cleanup granulation chamber powdery sawdust, clean up after the cover plate motivated, open wood pellet machine, and see if We can start, if the start follow the steps can be solved.
Third, if the boot does not rotate, it is the result of a more serious problem, it can only be removed on the plate to push the stick to tighten and remove mold clamps, remove the mold, the specific approach is: with iron oil pan, into a waste oil, then add the block mold, so that mold block all immersed in oil; then heated in the bottom of the oil pan, until the molding material has a popping sound hole, the die can be removed and re-installed after cooling; after adjusting according to the original method of operation to drive, so the original can be quickly blocked the die orifice material removed, to die there will be no damage to the original finish.
Four, three basic conditions can be resolved, but it is not absolute, it is not after, you can only use the drill drill, but the mold after the drilling must be carried out before we can re-wash mill normal production.
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