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Biomass Pellet Fuel Industry Analysis

1. Capacity. It is the first major factor to determine price. Big-sized machine produces high capacity, the corresponding price will be high, it is almost proportional.

2. Materials. The raw materials size should be 2-6mm to make pellet directly, suitable moisture is 15%-20%. If the raw materials don't meet the condition, need to deal with before pelletizing. For example, you want to use branches or wood scraps as raw materials, need to crush them to sawdust by hammer crusher. Meanwhiles, the moisture is higher than 20%, dryer is necessary, naturally, the inveatment will be higher.

3. Automation degree of biomass pellet production line, as well as operation mode, which many elements are involved. High degree of automation, high price. High closed degree of transportation mode, the dust will be less, the price will be high. On the contrary, low degress of automation, the price will be cheap.

4. Quality. At present, the industry is the initial stage, very fire. A lot of people fancy wood pellet industry, the equipment manufacturers are a lot, vary in quality, the price will be a big difference. Old factory with high technology, high-precision equipment assembly, high stability. Nuturally the price will be high. If you want to invest the industry, suggest you to choose equipment with high quality and stability, strong technical support for manufacturer.
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