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Furniture factory waste crushing equipment

For doing the biomass energy industry customers may have such confusion, choice of crushing equipment when I do not know how to start, in fact, choose crushing equipment according to to your raw materials , such as furniture factory waste, wood raw materials customers are generally required to use sawdust machine, furniture factory waste is dominated by wood, wood is a small, small block size is small can be directly into the three shaft shredders. Large pieces of wood can be broken hydraulic pallet crusher, is we Yulong machinery modified sawdust machine, sawdust machine also called wood crusher, granulation process in the grinding process, the final molding rate, one is to see if the water is right, the second is crushing degree. Requirements on material conditions of granulation is powder. However, after the sawdust machine crushed materials need two pieces? After wood machine material from advice plus a drum sieve, fine screening out the finished material, coarse material after two times crushing raw materials into finished products. If broken raw material neat, such as logs, fines and coarse aggregate ratio around 8:2 And if is the irregular raw materials and coarse material accounted for than 2-5 percent range. Concrete analysis of concrete problems, large material to rough broken, and then enter the sawdust crusher fine powder after granulation, if smaller material can be crushed into fine powder.


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