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The new XGJ560 wood pellet machine

Wood pellet machine is on kind of machine to produce column pellets by wood corner waste or sawdust, generally applicable to family, small and middle scale power plant, the boiler industry. Because the wood pellet machine raw material use waste to produce, thus have great effect to the environmental protection and resource secondary use. Yulong machinery launched new pellet machine equipment to comply with the development trend of new energy equipment on 2016.

The advantages of the new pellet machine equipment:

1. Pellet machine height is reduced, pellet machine auxiliary equipment also reduced, thus will save total cost.

2. Kinetic energy direction is changed, reduce the transmission energy consumption, improve production efficiency;

3. Pellet machine box is increased, the gear strength then before, prolong the life time;

4. Pellet machine main bearings adopts thin oil lubrication, reduce the bearing temperature, thus reduce the waste of oil.

5. Pellet machine discharge port can rotate 180 degrees, flexible installation, easy to use;

Pelleting system is an important section in the whole process of making pellet, pellet machine is key equipment of pelleting system, its working and operating will directly affect the final product quality. welcome new and old customers to visit company to see our new model machine.

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