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Sawdust particles machine Daily Maintenance Notes

Sawdust pellet machine is mainly used for eucalyptus wood, pine, birch, poplar, fruit and crops straw, bamboo shavings crushing for sawdust bran processing into biomass fuel production machinery.In order to make sawdust pellet machine work better, we need it for good maintenance.Then we should be specific how to operate?Make a regular maintenance plan and implement, can prolong the service life of sawdust pellet machine, reduce the occurrence probability of failure, to avoid delay in production.

1.At the time of sawdust pellet machine production, roller pressure and temperature must maintain consistent, to maximum limit to ensure quality, to inspection on raw materials, so that we can prevent the equipment problems.
2.Before production, to make a preliminary detection equipment first,and  need to check for add lubricant to the wheel, joined the lubrication equipment can work better, and not prone to wear and tear.
3.During operation, should pay more attention to the roller in the compression chamber and the lining of the distance adjustment, prevent the occurrence of such problems as friction.You know, the service life of these parts, so we have to be replaced according to their own life.
4.Erase the equipment floating ash frequently, this process is simple and convenient, it can prevent the dust into the device, and damage to parts.
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