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Renewable energy equipment-biomass pellet machine

The biomass pellet machine designed by our factory is a newly-developed renewable energy equipment which can transform any agro-wastes into bio-fuel pellets with high calorific value. It can used almost all kinds of corn straw, straw, rice, wheat straw, wheat shell, bean straw, cotton stalk, medical dregs, tree branches, leaves and wood chips, sawdust and hay etc.  

Nowadays, the biomass pellet press market has many diverse different types, among these wood pellet mills are the flat die and vertical ring die design. They are the most two popular biomass pellet machine. But if you just want to make wood pellets for residential and farm use or you just want to learn how to make wood pellets by a homemade sawdust pellet press, you should select flat die pellet mill. The flat die sawdust pellet press was first invented in the early 20th century. At that time, instead of making wood pellets, this type of sawdust pellet press was used to produce foodstuff, but after improving the quality of die and rollers, now this deign of pellet press can also produce wood pellets by biomass materials such as sawdust, straw, stalks, grass, etc. If you would like to make pellets for industrial use, like boiler, power plant etc, you could choose the vertical ring die type. This is our patent product.
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