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How to detect whether the biomass pellets qualified

With sawdust pellet machine made of biomass particles, how we can know whether pellet is qualified.Although watch can tell some situation to grain appearance, but the fundamental reason for internal we are still not very understanding, so how to check, there are two ways to check out below to the quality of the particles, you might as well try.

In a container, it can hold at least 1 litre, balance the weight.To the container filled with pellet, balance the weight again, minus the container gross weight, with filled with pellet components minus the filled with water.Qualified pellet calculation results should be between 0.6 and 0.7 kg/l, this value is also could be seen as a proportion of pellet.It is a very important parameter, it indicate the granulate, pressure size accurate or not.Those unqualified grain, the value will be lower than 0.6, some split and damaged, will produce many fine at the end.

Qualified pellet refers to moisture less than 10%, and from the aspects of mechanics, a high density.Check the pellet density is the most concise way: the biomass pellets in a glass of water, assume that the sink and prove its density is high enough, the forming of pressure is sufficient enough.However, if the pellet floating in the water, the density is low, the quality is poor.Tell from the Angle of mechanics, its durability is very poor, very easy to damage, formed at the end of the fine.

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