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Wood pellet production line

Wood pellet production line mainly press all kinds of straw, peanut shell, wood sawdust, branches, wood barks and other agriculture waste into pellets. We need to master its using and maintenance knowledge to increase the machine capacity and the machine using lifetime.To increase the wood pellet line capacity, need to avoid full load or overload which will cause the machine unstability.

YULONG company is one of most earliest in the biomass pellet machine industry, technology is very comprehensive. Our company has many kinds of crushing machine, pellet making machine, conveying machine, we will recommend the suitable machine according to your raw material. Our machine take less small space, high efficiency, finished pellets with good quality. We also has the advanced electric control cabinet, ensure the whole line with reliable and convenient operation, high efficiency and saving energy. We have already installed many sets wood pellet production in abroad, has rich experience in this field. If has question, please feel free to ask us.
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