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100000 tons of wood sawdust production line

100000 tons of wood sawdust production line

Northeast China customer order 100000 tons of wood sawdust production line. 

Northeast overall transformation boiler in this year, and customer mr.wang is one of the enterprises, they used to do the carton products, they have two 4 tons of boiler and a 10 tons of boiler, with the amount of particles is very large, so he wants to own factory production of particles. Mr.wang in huaian bought a piece of land, it 's about 60 mu, the main raw material using sawdust and straw, production is scheduled for annual output of 100000 tons, through communication mr.wang impression of our products is good,and he invited to business negotiations.
Mr.wang put forward their requirements in the negotiation,the first requirements is the production, annual output of 100000 tons, and then for the work environment must have a dust removal equipment, as far as possible to reduce dust, demands a high degree of automation, artificial to reduce as much as possible.Early crusher equipment in production requirements at the same time, must have the excess material processing capacity, drying equipment must ensure that the drying material 50% water, with wood chips and straw must be to be able to drying, granulating before to ensure that the two kinds of material mixing, good forming granulating, high compactness, cooling packaging equipment, while ensuring at the same time, and ensure grain for sale.After we put the request to write down,and visit the  customer's site, the location is very good, it's in the industrial zone, factory on either side, close to power supply, traffic is very convenient.Then we  showed  a lot of before cases for customer, the customer for our processing capacity is very confident.

After we made a complete set of scheme for mr.wang, write done the customer's requirements on the plan , but the customer may be less contact on biomass pellet, and isn't well understood by the project's content, through our interpretation, customer recognition of our professional and very hope to cooperate, after will come to the company specific to sign contracts, negotiate orders and so on various aspects, now we are in the positive communication, continue to understand each other, hope we can cooperate happily in the field of biomass.
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