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Biomass Burner Common Problems

 With the development of society, since biomass pellet burner energy-saving and environmental protection. In recent years, many companies from the original coal heating, electric heating, oil heating, are switching to biomass burner heating. Some enterprises in daily burner use, there are a few common problems.

1.When cold starting, no speed variable feeding and staging warming, lead to quickly feeding, inadequacy burning and long-time black smoke.
2.Tail air and induced air are too small to cause tank smoke or tempering.
3.Burner fault detection function is not complete, so lead to the material stock or other failure during operation.
4.Poor fuel pellet quality caused coking and material stock.
5.Biomass burner is not intelligent or smart thermostat heating segment, prone to slow warming and large temperature difference.
Biomass burner although energy saving, but that does not mean there is no fault exists in use, some faults may also be caused by a variety of reasons together. Please cooperate with the professional factory before designing and installing. If necessary, please pay more attention to YULONG biomass burner solutions.
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