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Yulong Large Pellet Machine Advantages

Zhangqiu Yulong machinery manufacturing wood sawdust machine, large pellet mill. It has so many difference with big pellet machine from other manufacturers on the market. Our machines are ordered popularly among customers at home and abroad. Today simply summary some of the advantages:
First : Mould long lifetime. The mold is made of special alloy steel. It has hard and wear - resistant surface and internal fortitude, and higher low-temperature toughness. So it's very suitable for the pressing and forming equipment.
Secondly : centrifugal efficient has high pressure, suitable for high toughness materials. Such as rice husks, peanut shells, sunflower seed shells various fruits; the branches, trunk, bark and other scraps of wood ; all kinds of crops straw ; rubber, cement, fly ash and other chemical raw materials. 
Thirdly: Our wood pellet mill roller with automatic lubrication system, you can run continuously without stopping. It's very important to improve yield and reduce the maintenance costs of equipment.
Last : die with vertical body, the material can be directly into the pellets granulating room, high efficiency and use for the heat sink. 
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