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Shapeless pellets reason from Straw pellet mill

Sometimes straw pellet machine outlet shapeless pellets, why ? as below :

1.Raw materials .
a.From moisture . MC should lower than 20%, of course not ensure ,for different raw materials , has different requirement .such as oak, fir, etc needs MC between 13%-17% . please contact our technology to get answer for specific raw materials. 
From character . straw, paper character is different , fiber structure is different , shaping pellets efficiency is also different . for example palm fiber is very hard to press .
b.From mixed materials proportion.
2.Different pellet mill ring die pressure ratio 
a.Ratio means ring die hole length /diameter ,larger ratio, larger ring die thickness .pelletizing time is longer, shaping efficiency is larger .
b.Ring die and roller gap also affect pelletizing efficiency .if gap too large , hard to shape pellets. For straw , our efficient pellet mill is better , pressure is larger. Common ring die pellet mill for animal feed materials is better.
a.choose good quality pellet mill
b.raw materials choice is important, MC and character need to consider firstly.
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