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Biomass pellet burner

The biomass pellet burner burns the biomass pellets and it is the biomass pellets final digestion. The biomass pellet burner has opened up a new way for the using of the pellets. Shandong Yulong Machine is the first to research and develop the biomass pellet machine. From the flat die pellet machine to the ring die pellet machine, and now centrifugal pellet machine, it has become the barometer in the biomass industry. As early as seven years ago, our company has researched and produced the biomass pellet boiler and biomass pellet burner. Until now the leading biomass pellet burner is still representative for the domestic biomass industry. Yulong Machine biomass pellet burner absorb the domestic and abroad essence, combined with the characteristics of the biomass pellets, the unique chain row structure, automatic ash discharge, tank-like ash processing tank, intermittent feeding frequency, significantly save the manpower and resources occupied, reducing soot emissions, fully and effectively use of energy, make the biomass pellets and thermal effect change reaches a more ideal state.
The biomass pellet burner has made remarkable record in the domestic and oversea market. The buyer in South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Bulgaria and other countries come in a continuous stream. They are glad because  biomass pellet burner solve the biomass pellets and match with the boiler. Stable results, reliable quality, perfect service and reasonable price solve the customer's worries.
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