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Waste building template crusher

Cement, brick, steel, waste template and a lot of construction waste can  return to the building after processed. And wood crusher effect is better in the processing of waste building templates.
There are many nails in the building template, if crushing by general crusher, can not crush into fine powder, even damage the crusher by the nails in template. So this kind of wood must use special wood crusher equipment. Yulong machinery wood crusher internal props with tiger claw knife, the material is of high wear-resistant alloy, will not fear the nail wear beat.
Maybe you will ask: what the building template will do after crushing? the construction template after grinding almost has seem characteristic with sawdust, can be used as biomass fuel pellet, and wood crusher is the first step to make fuel pellet, which will effect the last pellet forming rate.
Yulong machinery wood crusher capacity from  0.8 tons to 5 tons, has four models, can process different size building templates. If want to make biomass pellet, the fist step is to crush raw material into fine powder.  so wood crusher served as an important role in biomass energy industry which is the important equipment can  promote the powerful development of low carbon environmental protection.


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