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Bamboo shavings pellet machine

Bamboo shavings pellet fuel as the name suggests is made of bamboo shavings fuel particles, bamboo shavings is furniture factory or timber sawed in content, and use the Angle of shredded material is bamboo shavings.But because of low density of bamboo shavings burn up will have a lot of smoke, people would think of to do with the waste increases the density of fuel, bamboo shavings particles machine was born.

Bamboo shavings particles machine has called sawdust particles, generally referred to as the biomass pellet machine.Is a kind of make use of the mould and roller transshipment, bamboo shavings extrusion to die aperture, after pressing, it produce high temperature and glue together, form a cigarette shape particles.Density between 1.2 and 1.4, burns doesn't produce smoke.
With the increased demand of Pellet Fuel, producing a large number of bamboo litter pellet mill manufacturers. Large and small, technology is good and bad, how little experience, for users who want to choose a bamboo litter pellet mill increased the choice of space, but also increases the difficulty of choice.Do biomass granule is best used of vertical ring die pellet machine, big pressure, high yield, high stability, long production time.Choose from several aspects to which manufacturer.
1.Manufacturer of power: big power have the ability to solve the problems in the future.
2.Manufacturer of experience: now can make pellet fuel material has a lot, the same angle materials, in different areas, its density and characteristics are also different, so the mould is also different, manufacturer of experience and research on the premise of equipment and high precision production, is research for material .
3.Manufacturers accessories:  high production precision , high assembly precision, accessories materials have high production equipment to durable stability, depends on how manufacturers production precision.
4.Manufacturer sales: sales quality determines the quantity, the more busy factories, more quantity sales, factory equipment is selected by most customers.
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