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Which type pellet machine press rice husk is good?

 The answer is vertical ring die pellet machine by our experience, here is analyze:

The first is let us know the rice husk characteristics: 
The rice husk content silica is very high, nearly about 20% twenty percent. This high content is determined, rice husk hardness and high wear resistance.
The second characteristic of rice husk is the content of crude fiber, the content of crude fiber in rice husk is more than 40%.
The vertical ring die pellet machine is special design for corase fiber and hard materials.
The vertical ring die pellet machine not accumulate and not from the arch. Because the use of vertical feeding, and the pressure wheel rotation design, effectively prevent the occurrence of this situation.
Centrifugal effect, uniform distribution of material. Material evenly distributed, one is to suppress rice husk particles is more uniform, the two is the force of the particle is also uniform, and ensure the use of rice husk particle.
Large output, good effect. Centrifugal machine, rice husk particles speed is very high, the pressing speed is also fast.
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