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How to extend the using life of matrix and roller?

Short using time of matrix and rollers during wood pellet machine working, many customers meet the question. According to our long-term sale and customers' feedback, summarize the following points to help users.

Ignore the maintenance of matrix and roller when the wood pellet machine working, directly effect the production of pellet mill. If the matrix and roller can't be maintained correctly and effectively for long time, will reduce capacity, increase using cost, even damage the pellet machine. How to correctly use and maintain matrix and roller? Please pay more attentions the followings.

1.Pellet machine is used fore a period of time, should put matrix and rollers at dry and ventilated place, and remove the sawdust and other debris, because sawdust and debris will absorb water from air, the matrix and rollers will be corroded, thereby affect their using life.
2.The matrix hole of pellet machine should be cleaned regularly, keep the clean and bright inside of matrix hole, wipe oily anti-corrosive mixture inside matrix hole to prevent rust corrosion.
3.Oil materials inside matrix hole occur deterioration for long time, the matrix can not be lubricated and protected, so replace the oil materials for half a year, thus improve the using life of matrix and roller.
How to extend the using life of matrix and roller?
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