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Grain Dryer

 Grain dryer is also called tower dryer. The dryer is mixed-flow drying, dryer body is with many houses tower structure. Grains enter into feeder at the upper of dryer by elevator, grains and hot air fully integrated through the layers of tower, the moisture is evenly evaporated. Meanwhiles, kill the eggs inside grains after high temperature drying, can not appear discolored grain, and become bright color after drying.

The advantages of tower dryer:
1.Horizontal multi-slot and multi-drying structure of drying room, hot air recycling, improve drying efficiency, and the grains physical properties can't be changed.
2.There is a buffer room below every drying layer, sufficient contact between grains because of buffer room reasonable design, cross integration, improve the drying uniformity.
3.Tower dryer is installed vertically, the grains are transported by bucket elevator, space-saving and easy installation.
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