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Straw pellet machine making straw effective treatment

 How to deal with the straw? There are many ways, in which the natural field of straw can improve soil, increase the nutrient, to be left in the ground, not to harvest, so that the natural decay into fertilizer. Sow directly in the gap of crop seed, straw returning to nature. But it is only suitable for manual sowing, and the straw can be used as an obstacle to the cultivation of the machine. Second, feed processing. Horses and donkeys and other livestock feed, is a recognized way, straw crushing dry storage, sold to farms, also can get a sum of income, but due to the need for nutrient feed cows, and the straw stalk fiber too fine, directly crushed and feeding is not conducive to the absorption of nutrients. Third, the use of straw pellet machine to suppress the straw into energy fuel. 

Economic development can not be separated from the consumption of resources, coal, oil, natural gas storage is limited, over exploitation will only lead to energy depletion, development and utilization of new energy has become the focus of attention. Which gradually developed with agricultural waste straw based biomass energy, straw pellet mill is manufacturing is an effective tool to biomass energy, straw after crushing, drying, moisture to reach 15%) - granulating - cooling sub sieve, packing and other steps, pellet pressing for fuel use, easing the strain on the resources, protecting the environment. Straw pellet machine not only can do energy pellet, but also can do feed particles, after the straw pellet machine to suppress the feed particles, soft and suitable, high nutritional ingredients, animals eat, not sick, easy to digest, especially by the majority of farmers. 
How to deal with a straw, the most scientific and effective methods for straw pellet machine, a dual-purpose machine, shoot two hawks with one arrow. Crushing dry storage sold, to farms also, can get a sum of income but, due to the need for nutrient feed cows and, the straw too fiber directly fine stalk, crushed and feeding is not conducive to the absorption of nutrients. 
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