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Flat die , Ring die and Efficient pellet mill difference

We mainly produce three types pellet mills :  flat die, ring die and efficient . they have own difference for different materials . as below :

Flat die pellet mill: don't have strict requirement for materials humidity, easy operation and maintain, large pressure, low price, easy to adjust roller and mould gap. But high power consumption, low capacity, high maintain cost, large friction, hard to change spare parts
Ring die pellet mill: high capacity, low consumption, easy to change spare parts. But strict for materials character, hard to adjust rollers and mould gap, main shaft easily broken , low pressure etc
Efficient pellet mill : auto lubrication, directly feeding, stable working, good structure , mature design, high technology, low noise, small friction, large capacity, low maintain cost, easy operating and maintain . 
Efficient pellet mill adopts both ring die and flat die advantages, good efficiency, working performance is much higher than others .
Above is to explain all difference, for animal feed grain materials, ring die pellet mill is more fit , but for biomass , flat die and efficient are much better. 
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