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XGJ850 pellet machine Loading Site to Thailand

Recently, the XGJ850 pellet machine to Thailand customer already loaded and transport, the raw material are sawdust. As the deterioration of the global atmospheric environment and the overexploitation of limited resources, development and utilization of new energy sources has been valued by people around the World.

The customer from Thailand came to China, through carefully selected, and final select of a YULONG wood pellet production line XGJ850 machinery. The pellet line equipment includes: XGJ850 pellet machine, drum dryer, wood sawdust machine, fans, conveyors and cyclone dust removal equipment etc. Once machines delivery, the company's after-sales technicians traveled to Thailand to the scene to guide the installation, till machines stable operation.
Thailand, Malaysia is our customer-intensive areas, in addition, Yulong products are also exported to more than 50 countries and regions, and has offices in Thailand, Malaysia and other countries, in any foreign countries, if have any problems associated with the machines, can directly with the agency contact.
XGJ850 pellet machine Loading Site to Thailand
XGJ850 pellet machine Loading Site to Thailand
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