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How to Make Use of Biomass Wastes Produced Fuels

There are two general ways of biomass waste made for fuel, one pyrolysis, the other pressing into pellets. Each has their own characteristic. Pressing into pellets is very popular now, and its technology is more mature. Pressing biomass waste for fuel. The principle the biomass waste crushed to a certain degree ( usually 4-8 mm ) compress into a rod - shaped or blocks by physical squeeze. After suppressing biomass, high density, long burning time, no pollution and no smoke. The general said the fuel Biomass Pellet Fuel. Production of biomass pellet fuel, requires the following steps :

The first step, drying. Pressing biomass Pellet Fuel requires under 20% raw material moisture. As the case, you will need to dry if the moisture of material is too high.
The second step, crushing. Because biomass fuel pellet mill die apertures general is under 12mm. The material need to be crushed and broken if the size is too large. Straw, timber, cotton straw these need to be crushed. Like wood flour, sawdust, they don't need.
The third step, granulating. The biomass waste after drying and crushing is pressing into pellets through biomass pellet machine. There are two made biomass fuels generally. Large briquette and small pellets. Large one diameter up to 80 mm. Small pellets only 4-8 mm. There may be a slight error in the data, but the difference is not obvious. As fuel, now the mainstream is small pellets. Because of the large briquette could not be burned fully. 
The fourth step, cooling and packing. Pressing process is a physical squeeze. So friction produces high temperature. Made fuel pellets need to cool down.
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